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Recruitment Chairs Contact Info


Please reach out to either brother below with any questions


Eashan K.



Parth Patel






You must uphold our three Cardinal Principles, commit to at least 5 hours of philanthropy and service events, attend chapter meetings, and pay dues as required. Potential new members are REQUIRED to have at least 12 credits from Rutgers University with at least a 2.5 GPA and have attended at least 2 recruitment events and 1 information session with our organization.


New Member Dues: $475.00 (covers New Member fee, Census fee, Pin fee, and Insurance)



National Policies


Alcohol Policy: No alcohol will be given to our New Members during their process. Any New Members caught with alcohol will be dropped from our New Member process and will not be able to join our organization. 


Hazing Policy: Phi Sigma Kappa WILL NOT HAZE any New Member, brother, or anyone associated with our organization. Anyone caught doing so will be immediately dropped from our organization.